Shaun Coulton

Shaun is the Managing Director of Coulton Consulting Group, a business advisory and training consultancy that aims to help individuals and businesses to engage new markets, opportunities and clients via LinkedIn.

Having been one of LinkedIn Australia’s earliest employees, Shaun is able to provide unbiased, inside knowledge of the platform. He’s worked with individuals, universities, athletes and small to medium size businesses through to large enterprise.

His seminars, workshops and direct private consulting are data driven, yet presented in a practical and actionable way. Interactive sessions that will help you create valuable digital profiles, networks and online communities.

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Simplify and Grow | Workshop

Practical Small group workshops designed to empower you to get the most out of LinkedIn. Most clients use these sessions to create a clear marketing and brand strategy, optimise their profile and learn proactive search techniques that directly support sales and/or recruitment. Ideal for groups of up to 10-15 people, we come to you for a facilitated learning session.

The Insiders Digest | LinkedIn 101 seminar

Seminars for larger groups, explaining ‘the why and the how’ of LinkedIn supported by data and insights. This is the perfect way to inform a large group of the importance and leverage that comes from enhancing their LinkedIn profiles, being a brand ambassador for their business and clients, or simply getting job ready.

The Works | 1 on 1 Profile Consultation

A one on one bespoke consultation, designed to maximise your professional brand and business endeavours. We will personally work with you and go through all areas of your LinkedIn page and the broader platform to help increase the value you receive from your LinkedIn profile and activities.


  • Sharp & Carter
  • Melbourn Business School
  • NBN
  • Alerton Australia
  • Nsynergy
  • Marshall White
  • Hall & Wilcox
  • Australlian Cricketers Association
  • Qantas
  • University of Sydney

"Shaun is an excellent presenter. He really know his material and has some great insights.
I recommend Shaun's social media consulting services to others."

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